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Withdrawal Policy

Fcorp services LTD is a Marshall Island company authorized and registered with license number 95389 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’).

This Withdrawal Policy details the Company’s obligations, following its authorization and legal requirement, to process clients’ withdrawal requests speedily and securely.

Withdrawal Terms

Initially, so as for the client to withdrawal money from his/ her account, the client shall go to the tab My Account, select the Withdrawal tab and then he/ she will be asked to submit information such as, name and surname that will be crossed checked to confirm the beneficiary of the trading account. The client may also request a withdrawal by email to [email protected]

Please note that the client has the right to withdrawal money only to the payment system that was used to deposit funds to his/ her account. If the client wishes to make a withdrawal request to an account that has not been previously verified or has not been used for depositing purposes, the Company will perform Know Your Customer procedures on the same client or order to ensure that the beneficiary of both bank accounts is the same person. Only then will the Company proceed with the withdrawal of funds. 

Withdrawal Fee

The Company will not charge fees with regards to withdrawal requests. However, the client should check with their bank or intermediary if charges will be made for their transaction.

Withdrawal Limitations

The company set out a minimum withdrawal amount for every payment method as listed below:

Processing Time Frames

The Company may take up to 5 business days to process a withdrawal request. The client who has submitted a withdrawal request will be contacted by the Company by email or phone in order to validate the withdrawal request which the client is requested to approve explicitly.

There are several factors affecting the timeframe within which withdrawal funds are received:

The clients are recommended to verify their account at the earliest possible moment in accordance with the Company’s compliance guidelines, in order to avoid any delay of the withdrawal process. The aforesaid guidelines are based on the AML KYC demands, whose purpose is to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.